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Lunar Chandelier Press and
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Started in 2009, Lunar Chandelier Press publishes books of evocative, modern writing. Lunar Chandelier Collective is a subset of Lunar Chandelier Press, publishing collectively in the interest of making new writing available swiftly and at low cost to the reader by the means available to us today.

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A Picture of Everyone I Love Passes Through Me
Mixed by John Bloomberg-Rissman, remixed by Lynn Behrendt.
With 77 color collages by Lynn Behrendt.
Pub date. 6/11/16.
Design by Julie Harrison

The Cheapskates
by Jerome Sala
Pub date: 2014
ISBN: 9780984607679.
Design by Jul
ie Harrison

Deliberate Proof
by Vyt Bakaitis
Pub. date: 2010
ISBN: 9780984607600

Design by HR


Earth After Earth
by Toni Simon
Pub date: 2012.
ISBN: 978098460763
Art by Toni Simon.
Design by Anne Noonan at Soho Letter Press

Heart Thread (forthcoming)
by Robert Kelly
Pub date: 2016.
 pp 163
ISBN: 9780997371505
Price: $12.00.

Design by Render Stetson


by Joe Elliot
Pub date: 2010.
SBN: 9780984607
pp. 118.
Design by HR
Price: $15.00


petals, emblems
by Lynn Behrendt
Pub date: 2010.
ISBN: 9780984607617.
pp. 61
Design by HR

Radio at Night
by Laurie Price
Pub date: 2013.
 ISBN: 9780984607655
Design by Julie Harrison



by Vincent Katz
Pub date:6/2/ 2016
 ISBN 978-0-9846076-8-6Sl.
pp 77
Design by Julie Harrison

Tiny Gold Dress
by John Godfrey.
Pub: 2012.
ISBN: 9780984607648.
pp: 86.
Price: $15.00

Tornado Island
by Charles Stein
forthcoming 2016
Price $12.00

Uncreated Mirror (forthcoming)
by Tamas Panitz

Pub date: 2016 ( Forthcoming)
ISBN: 9780997371512
Price: $10.00. pp 97
Design by Render Stetson

Waters Of (forthcoming)
by Billie Chernicoff
Pub date: 2016.
ISBN: 9780997371529
$12.00. pp 139
Design by Render Stetson