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John Bloomberg-Rissman

John Bloomberg-Rissman was born in Chicago but has spent most of his life in Southern California. A graduate of UCLA, he has worked as a gardener, in a bakery, in publishing, in a rubber stamp factory, as an architectural drafter, as a freelance writer, and as a librarian. He has had two careers as a poet. In the first, 1968-1990, he was a lyric poet. Finding the lyric mode deeply unsatisfying, he went silent for a decade. In 1999 he began writing again, or, rather, collaging, mixing, sampling ... He has spent the last dozen years or so working on a long project called Zeitgeist Spam. Parts published so far: No Sounds of My Own Making (Leafe Press, 2007), Flux, Clot & Froth (Meritage Press, 2010), and the text in A Picture of Everyone I Love Passes Through Me (Lunar Chandelier Press, 2016). He is finishing up the next part, In the House of the Hangman, which has turned into a 2,000,000-word metatext. Additionally, he “authored” the “conceptual” work 2nd Notice of Modifications to Text of Proposed regulations: Regulation and Policy Branch, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Leafe Press & Laughing Ouch Cube Publications, 2010). He is also the editor or co-editor of several volumes: 1000 Views of “Girl Singing” (Leafe Press, 2009), The Chained Haynaku (Meritage Press & xPress(ed), 2010, co-edited with Eileen R Tabios, Ivy Alvarez and Ernesto Priego), Poems for the Millennium 5: Barbaric, Vast & Wild (Black Widow Press, 2015, co-edited with Jerome Rothenberg). His reviews appear regularly at Galatea Resurrects, and he blogs at Zeitgeist Spam (