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Charles P. Stevenson Libary, Bard College celebrates acquisition of A Picture of Everyone I Love Passes Through me with exhibtion and reading

Lunar Chandelier Press is proud to announce
that  the Charles P. Stevenson Library, Bard College has acquired A Picture of Everyone I Love Passes Through Me
Mixed and Remixed by John Bloomberg-Rissman and Lynn Behrendt
with collages by Lynn Behrendt. The acquisition and book were celebrated with an exhibition of the collages at the Bard Library from January 11th through February 14th 2017 and with a reading  by Lynn Behrendt and reception at the library  on February 2nd.

Lunar Chandelier Press, in conjunction with T Space, presented on June 6th, 2015, the first ever screening of George Quasha’s newly edited Volume II of poetry is (Speaking Portraits). Following the screening, a presentation by George Quasha,and discussion hosted by Vyt Bakaitis and Kimberly Lyons  with poets Charles Bernstein, Elaine Equi, Patricia Spears Jones, Vincent Katz, Jerome Rothenberg, Jerome Sala, and Charles Stein were held in the Maya Deren Theater at Anthology Film Archives, 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street, New York City.

POETRY IS what nothing authorizes David Levi-Strauss POETRY IS the confusion between the issue and its response Chris Mann POETRY IS manifest and furious articulation Kristin Prevallet POETRY IS really corporeal Tisa Bryant POETRY IS an attempt to give a quality of embodiment to language Carter Ratcliff  POETRY IS thinking at the edge of intuition Charles Stein POETRY IS an antidote at the poison of rationality Mikhail  Horowitz POETRY IS part of the definition of a life worth living Jerome Rothenberg POETRY IS Poetry has no idea what it is Alan Davies POETRY IS being completely present to language and the world at the same time Ron Silliman POETRY IS  the heartscript/ the master teacher Sapphire POETRY IS a space in which language comes to utter its futurity of what it not yet Chris Tysh POETRY IS a chameleon and often wants to disguise itself Nick Piombino POETRY IS concerned with the mystery of sound and sight Susan Howe


 the skeleton in the closet  which then becomes that something that has a potential for an endless possibility of costumes that you might put on it Carla Harryman POETRY IS Like coffee it keeps you up; at the same time if you drink it too much you fall asleep Charles Bernstein  POETRY IS the birthday cake at a party is a nightclub is everything is the bomb Blue POETRY IS you talking in my head to me in my head using my words to make me speak/the thing that makes it possible for time to tell Robert Kelly POETRY IS notes on the possibilities and attractions of existence which is a quote from Zukofsky Anselm Hollo  POETRY IS about/transmuting the elements of one’s life Mitch Highfill POETRY IS to make good of nothing to make, to make, making it Cecilia Vicuna  POETRY IS the emotional content of the voice Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge POETRY IS such as the mind comparison to dawn to magnolias to color of night  as if they are manifestations of mind phenomena Leslie Scalapino POETRY  IS  kind of something stuck in the middle of everything else Amiel Alcaley  POETRY IS kind of a love that cannot be India Radfar POETRY IS  being very present in the moment and reading the world as a poem Lee Ann Brown  POETRY IS something to do with  transport Elizabeth Willis POETRY IS little recordings on the way without any inherent worldly value Fanny Howe

[All quotations are from poetry is (Speaking Portraits), Vol 1]

Saturday, February 8th, 2014 at 8pm

Jerome Sala + Elaine Equi Read at The Shed Space

As a special evening hosted by Lunar Chandelier Press + The Shed,
the reading is a fundraiser for Jerome Sala’s
new book of poetry, The Cheapskates.
Soho Letter Press designed and produced
limited edition broadsides by each of the poets
available for contributions to LCP.


Jerome Sala (photo by Elaine Equi)


Elaine Equ

 November 22nd, 2014, at La Cantina Royale, in Williamsburg, Lunar Chandelier presented JFK (Necrosis) Jubilee, a screening of Sam Truitt's audio visual interpretation, “DICK: An Oblique Kennedy Assassination Countdown”; and readings by poets of commemorative works; in advance of Sam Truitt's DICK: A Vertical Elegy, a book about the JFK assassination designed by Julie Harrison,  published by Lunar Chandelier Press in 2014  .Projected as a triptych on three walls, this video is the capstone of a year-long project of daily transmissions, available on youtube,

Following the screening,  poets  Michael Andre, Caroline Crumpacker,  Ed Friedman, Mitch Highfill, Sharon Mesmer, Dan Machlin, Andy Mister, Kristen Prevallet, George Quasha, Michael Ruby, Christopher Stackhouse and Christina Strong read performed, read poems, and memoirs.  Following, Roberto Rossi of the New York-based theater company Great Small Works  performed “Other Items,” a Toy Theater piece constructed of flat, paper cut-out figures and miniature scenery in homage to JFK’s legacy.

On 6.1.13, John Godfrey read
with Jack Collum on May 31st at Counterpath Books in Denver, Colorado
in- a joint Instance Press + Lunar Chandelier Press event.. On June 1st,
Godfrey read at Innisfree  Poetry  Bookstore in Boulder, Colorado  with Mathias Svalina.

Friday, March 8th, 2013 

Lunar Chandelier Press organized

held at Poe’s Kitchen , Boston, Mass
Readers, Daniel Bouchard , Julian Talamentez Brolaski,Joe Elliot, Joanna Fuhrman

Brenda Iijima , Pierre Joris, Kimberly Lyons, Eileen Myles, Trace Peterson

Nicole Peyrafitte, Elizabeth Robinson, Toni Simon and Christopher Stackhouse and others.

On 2.22.13Laurie Price and John Godfrey  read at
Unnamable Books in Brooklyn on

at a book party launch for
Radio at Night: Recent& Selected Work
by Laurie Price

May 9, 2013  at the11th Annual New York City Independent Publishers Book Party at ZieherSmith Gallery