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Deliberate Proof

Deliberate Proof
by Vyt Bakaitis
ISBN: 9780984607600
Pub. 2010
131 pp.
Price: $15.00
Design by HR. Cover photograph by Jennifer Witcher

 “The voice deployed by the poems ...has this mesmerizing surface of tranquility that belies and makes shimmer the possibility that ‘Wonder may well be all that’s left to us / when a starless night flowers in kisses”. This voice is musical, adaptable, wise, urban (in its nether stream of quickness), and sly, particularly via its engagement with paradoxas a condition of perception.”
 -Anselm Berrigan

"He penetrates unsparingly, out of generosity. His sentiments have shadows where he focuses his examination.... His poem, like a soliliquey, seems to open up while at the same time drilling inwards."
-John Godfrey

“There is in Vyt Bakaitis’ writing a tenderness and longing. In this generous collection, the poet unveils his Self with uncommon clarity and courage.”
-Anne Tardos