Lunar Chandelier Press + Lunar Chandelier Collective


by Joe Elliot
 SBN: 9780984607624
 Pub date: 2010
Design by HR
Cover art: George Elliot
Price:  $15.00

“Skepticism is at the heart of modernity, at odds with all blind faith. But for Joe Elliot, doubt is a flexible, porous scrim through which the vagaries of human knowing pulse and stretch toward the great quotidian ensemble of unknowns….”
--Ann Lauterbach

“Poets who avoid capitulation and pay the price with a lack of prominence may be heard from less often but have things of great urgency to tell us. As Joe Elliot puts it: ‘Any project, conceived of as a kind of campaign /(political, military or otherwise), with its attendant/ arm-twisting and compulsive positioning, makes us unfree / and to that exact un-monosyllabic degree unhappy.’ With these spare, yet eloquent poems Elliot is inviting us instead to ‘escape back into the world, a world ‘fabricated by a variety of voices, that a real solitary, all inevitably yours.”
 -Nick Piombino