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Jerome Sala

Photo by Elaine Equi

Jerome Sala’s books of poetry include cult classics such as Spaz Attack, I Am Not a Juvenile Delinquent, The Trip, Raw Deal, Look Slimmer Instantly and Prom Night, a collaboration with artist Tamara Gonzales.  His poetry and criticism have appeared in The Best American Poetry series, The Nation, Evergreen Review, Pleiades, Conjunctions, Rolling Stone, The Brooklyn Rail and many others.  He has a Ph.D. in American Studies.  Before moving to New York City in the 1980s, Sala and his spouse, poet Elaine Equi, did numerous readings together, helping to create Chicago’s lively performance poetry scene.  Sala was the first “World Heavyweight Poetry Champion,” and was part of a series of competitions in boxing rings that were precursors to the Poetry Slam.  His blog, on “poetry, pop culture and everyday life” is espresso bongo, He lives and works in New York City.
Jerome Sala reads from his work with vimeo (August, 2016 on the Don Yorty Explorations in Literature blog).

"Tonight I lift my glass to Jerome Sala whose new book The Cheapskates is just out from Lunar Chandelier Press. It is a handsomely produced volume and it is bursting with the mordant wit and adventurous spirit that mark this talented poet with the quiet exterior and the secret burning rage..." read more here
an interview of Jerome Sala by Vincent Katz

an interview with Columbia College Review

Introduction by Vincent Katz to Jerome Sala's reading at the DIA Foundation: