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Laurie Price

Laurie Price

Photo by Judi Price
A poet and visual artist, Laurie Price has been writing and making visual work for a few decades. She was a awarded a Gerbode Foundation Poetry grant and subsequently began her life as a citizen of the world. She is the author four chapbooks, Going On Like This (Northern Lights Int’l Poetry / Brooklyn Series, Brooklyn, NY), Under the Sign of the House (Detour Press, Brooklyn, NY / e-book, readme), The Assets (Situations Press, NY) and Minim (e-book, Faux Press, MA / Tokyo) and two full-length poetry collection, Except for Memory (Pantograph Press, Berkeley, CA) and Radio at Night:  Recent +Selected Works (Lunar Chandelier Press, 2013). Her ongoing visual work / photos are posted on her blog Gracious Economies and CorrugatedShadows,(

Her collages/ assemblage have been exhibited in SF, CA, Mexico and Spain and were used for the cover artwork as well as for the interior images for Barbara Henning's A Slow Curve (Monkey Puzzle Press, 2012) and in the limited edition artist's book: Overplay/ Underdone (Medusa's Laugh Press, 2013).
"She Carries a Liquid Suitcase": Dee Dee Kramer on Laurie Price's Radio at Night:
"...Now, if you're a San Francisco poet, when you read Radio at Night, probably you'll think of Jack Spicer, because of that radio. But it's a different presence here—not poet as radio, (although Laurie certainly works in tune with an Outside)--but more like a radio motif, sometimes explicit (“the rich could find their radios here” or Sam the Sham & the Pharaoh's song “Wooly Bully” of 1965, or in a Moroccan shop a radio with no sound but with blue light and power) and sometimes suggested via details of broadcast, voice, musical instrument, frequency, or disembodied communication. The title poem is in New York, and here too, the radio emits light instead of sound...Each place in the book is prefaced with a photograph of a local door—opaque or transparent, solid or gated or windowed, brick or iron or glass—come into this country, or don't, or can you? Do you want to? She carries a liquid suitcase. New York is a country, alongside Mexico or Morocco, but never the U.S.  The U.S. is not a country; many nations aren't."

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