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petals, emblems

petals, emblems
by Lynn Behrendt
 ISBN: 9780984607617
Design by HR. Cover art by Lynn Behrendt.
Price: $15.00.

 “At turns both delicate and demanding, Lynn Behrendt's remarkable first book, petals, emblems, is an organic and dangerous work constructed from within.... She is a powerful and grieving guide to an underworld constructed with language and light.”
-Brenda Coultas.

"The affect-drenched poems in Lynn Behrend's petal, emblems leap off beauty's edge right on to the electrified grid of being: that difficult "barrage/of having been born/at all..."“
-Nada Gordon

 Lynn Behrendt wields like Shakespeare an exuberant dismay at the wretchedness of life, and smites us with joy by the muscular way she says so. …Growl of body, blade of mind.”
-Robert Kelly