Lunar Chandelier Press + Lunar Chandelier Collective

Toni Simon

Photograph by Ani Barberian
Toni Simon is a multimedia artist and writer living in Brooklyn. As a visual artist she combines her interest in trance states, technology, science fiction and ancient art history into painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video animation and collaborative projects with poets. As an author Simon's illustrated book of experimental prose poetry Earth After Earth was published by Lunar Chandelier Press in 2012 and she is currently working on "Telescope Highway", an illustrated manuscript. Simon is collaborating with poet Joanna Fuhrman on a mixed-media literary project, and has illustrated books by poets Laynie Browne, Felix Bernstein and her husband Nick Piombino ("Contradicta: Aphorisms", Green Integer, 2010). She graduated from the San Francisco Art institute. Her drawings have been exhibited at the Drawing Center and A.I.R. Gallery in NYC and have been published in numerous literary publications.