Lunar Chandelier Press + Lunar Chandelier Collective


 by Vincent Katz.
 ISBN 978-0-9846076-8-6Sl
77 pp
Design: Julie Harrison
Cover art: detail of a painting by Etel Adnan
Price: $15.00
“Vincent Katz’s eye lights on the visual like a cameraman, his intellect
 reflecting romantic masculinity with worldliness. Objects, moods and self-awareness have their own space and gravity. In several lyrical poems, he exercises coolness while implicitly maintaining that nothing in the medium is not personal. Denser poems present mental spaces word-to-word that thread striking affinities. The words resonate, in their abbreviation, with feeling and honesty. Southness is sophisticated hot-bloodedness underlying method and manner. Excellence modeled with humanity. The poet in and out of the shadows.”
— John Godfrey

“With a feeling of plein-air openness and a pared down syntax and a 21st century imagist soul, Vincent Katz reminds us that poetry can be used for many things: observation, personal declaration, and joy, and they are abundant throughout this wonderful book. Southness is a sensory and sonic adventure.”
 -Peter Gizzi