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Tiny Gold Dress

Tiny Gold Dress
by John Godfrey.
Pub. Date: 2012.
ISBN: 9780984607648.
 pages: 86.
Design: Julie Harrison
Cover art: Basil King
Price: $15.00
“The evanescent lilt of everyday rumination percolates through these wistful poems, ear bound to ambient eye’s wry regret tender hopefulness. Perception becomes an aroma of reflection and infatuation in John Godfrey’s fractured songs. Here, now: as good as gold”
---Charles Bernstein

“I read Tiny Gold Dress the same week I bought a pedometer. It turns on when it recognizes my stride and gets messed up if I start to loaf. Godfrey’s poems keep time (and not Eastern Standard) with an unbroken stride through a city with “erotic pinnacles” awaiting all its pedestrians. They make me feel like I’m already living in a perfect community, if only my body would learn-‘ faster, that “The last thing to do/is to wrong/This sidewalk’s part/of the trail...”
--Stacy Szymaszek